How to Choose Kitchen Curtains

Oct 23, 2022

How to Choose Kitchen Curtains

Tips for Selecting Kitchen Curtains

Before moving on to our topic, "How to Choose Kitchen Curtains," everyone needs to know why we actually need curtains.

Do we choose curtains for decoration or style, to add beauty to our space, or to fill the emptiness of the home? Since personal choice is key to curtain selection"... all options are correct. Window treatments are essential for our home. Rod pockets and roman shades are a couple of popular styles used in the kitchen.

Although some people feel there is no need for kitchen curtains, families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Since a kitchen should be welcoming, attractive, and friendly, do not overlook the importance of a curtain. If you have a modern kitchen with sophisticated appliances and countertops, the curtains should complement the rest of the kitchen. Spending a little extra money on the kitchen window, may provide you with a more comfortable and appealing space.


Before choosing a fabric, determine the need and function of the curtain. Consider whether you want a curtain that is easy to maintain, decorative, or add privacy to the room.

  • Maintenance:¬†Polyester may be a better choice, if easy maintenance is what you want. You also get an affordable and durable fabric.
  • Privacy:¬†Linen should be your first choice as it is widely available in medium weight to heavy-weight fabrics. While allowing light to enter the room, linen provides privacy and is not a total blackout material.
  • Decorative:¬†Poly cotton fabric, cotton and polyester, woven fabric, rayon fabric, and Poly-cotton blend fabric are excellent decorative fabrics.¬†Although silk fabrics are more durable than velvet, both can accentuate the kitchen.¬†¬†
  • Luxurious:¬†Twill weave and polyester blends are traditional fabrics used for centuries and the color rarely fades.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas

The curtains should match or compliment the furniture's color. If the kitchen walls are painted with a dark color, use lighter curtains. If the walls have a light color, use a dark curtain. A combination of neutral-colored curtains should be used, if the wall color is neutral.

Patterned or Plain

A patterned curtain comes in a variety of styles and adds fluidity to the room without a secondary color.  

Plain curtains have a classic and timeless appeal that never goes out of style.


Price depends on the type, style, and quality of the fabric. Ready-made or custom-made are also contributing factors to the curtain price. Hang curtains to reach from the rod to the floor will add to the curtain's price. A short window frame will also determine the price.

Types of Kitchens Curtains

Valance style:

Valences provide an elegant look but not an ideal choice for privacy. If you need privacy in the kitchen, shades, blinds, shutters with valances, or blackout curtains should be used.

  • Balloon Valance:¬†As the name suggests, it is a valance curtain with a balloon style. This style is achieved by doubling the fabric and fitting it along the top hem of the window to create a balloon shape. Although balloon valences are not ideal for privacy, cafe curtains with balloon valances can be used for minimal privacy.
  • Swag Valance:¬†These are window scarves in semi-circular shapes in the middle and hang at the tail and top of the window at both ends. They provide a more classic and refined look than other valances.
  • Box pleats valance:¬†This type of curtain has straight bottom edges, but the width is divided into squares like sections; hence it is called box a pleats valance.

 Sheer curtains

In open-concept homes, where there is no separation between the kitchen, dining, and living room, sheer curtains are always a great choice. Sheer curtains allow a soft amount of natural light to enter without compromising privacy. 

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