Is Curtain and Drapes Right For Your Home

Oct 11, 2022

Is Curtain and Drapes Right For Your Home

Is Curtain and Drapes Right For Your Home

Have you bought all the necessities for your new home but haven't chosen or purchased new curtains for the home?

Then before going to the store for curtains, you should choose the right curtains for your home.

Yes, you heard right; I am saying that if you think lifting curtains is an easy task. Then I am sorry to say that it is not an easy task, but it can be done if you seek guidance from an expert.

Curtains are something that can make or break the look of your home. So, consulting a professional on “how to choose curtains for your home” can help and also save you valuable time.

We list some valuable points that you must look for while choosing the right curtains

7 Tips How to Pick Curtains for Your Home

Table of Content

  1. Find out if you actually want a curtain or a drape.
  2. Time to pick out the right fabric
  3. What type of curtains color should you choose?
  4. Which style will be better? Solid or Print
  5. What is the ideal length of curtains?
  6. What is the ideal width of curtains?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Find out if you actually want a curtain or a drape.

 The first and most important step that will narrow down your research is that you know what we are looking at in the curtain or drape.

Sometimes, people need curtains, but they buy drapes by mistake. Therefore, the differences in this concern should be known first.


  • Curtains are used to protect your privacy and also let in a little sunlight when hanging down windows or doors.
  • They are made of light fabric and are usually shorter in length than curtains.


  • Drapes also protect privacy but are used more for sunlight blackout, noise reduction, and insulation due to their long length and dense fabric.
  • Generally, they are taller and heavier than curtains, leaving less space for light and air.

 I hope the difference is clear in your mind and helps in "how to choose curtains for your home".


Time to Pick Out the Right Fabric

  • When it comes to material, it plays an important role in the choice because each fabric has a different design, weight and maintenance process.
  • Some are heavy, some are light, and some require dry cleaning while others require washing.
  • But some of the things you look for a lot in clothes are given below: (I) How much sunlight do you want to get in? (II) Does the fabric design match the design of the room or not? Traditional homes required heavy-weight fabrics.


  • The most used and casual fabric in the curtain is cotton.
  • It's simple, lightweight, easy to maintain and cheaper in price compared to other materials.
  • Cotton fabrics provide more light without compromising privacy, and less heat enters.
  • Caring Process: - Do Dry clean when it is necessary; otherwise, a vacuum or brush can be used to remove dust.


  • Linen comes with a more beautiful design and color shade, and its textured style diffuses light efficiently.
  • Caring Process: - Use a vacuum or brush to clean the curtain; it could be dry-cleaned if needed. After that, it was wrinkled much highlighted then do iron at low speed.


  • Velvet fabric curtains usually have beautiful and attractive designs.
  • They are mainly used to block incoming light as they are heavy and opaque.
  • Maintenance process: - The only way to keep velvet curtains clean when they get dirty is to wash them.
  • Always use lukewarm water for cleaning and use a good quality cleaning agent instead of cheap water.

The tips don't end here. More information on "How to choose curtains for home" is given below.


What kind of curtain color should you choose?

Window or door curtains should be similar in color to the walls and other furnishings but not too similar.

The color of the curtains will blend, and to prevent it from mixing, you need to get a slightly different shade or contrast.


Which style would be better? Solid or print

  • Two popular patterns in curtains are solids and prints.
  • If you want to get things in velvet or linen, solid patterns are better because things look beautiful in solids.
  • If you want your curtains to stand out in the room, you should buy printed ones, but in this case cotton is better.


What is the ideal length of the curtains?

  • An ideal length is when the curtain touches the floor, but if you want a more royal look, you can extend it by a few inches.
  • If you have children, curtains should be a few inches from the floor.
  • Window blinds vary as height or floor length both work well. In this scenario, your choice matters.


What is the ideal width of the curtains?

  • Most of the time when you go to buy curtains, you only choose the length because the width is standard. But some stores also give you the option to choose the width.
  • In terms of customization, you can choose every aspect related to length, width, color and fabric.
  • Before ordering, measure any curtain width each time you measure the length to get the right size.
  • For this, you can use the same tool that you would use for the length.
  • An easy way to determine the width is to measure the width with a measuring tool and add 6 inches to each side.


I hope your problem is solved. If not, you can read the frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose custom curtains or ready-made?

 Custom-made always has the upper hand as spending some extra money gives you the option to choose your own style.

But if you don't want to pay extra, don't worry. Ready-made ones also work well as they are available in the market after research.

Is using curtains at home old-fashioned?

I believe the answer is no because curtains will be in fashion or used until the house has windows and doors.

And a house without windows or doors is impossible so don't worry and choose the right curtains.

What is a good quality curtain worth to you?

It can cost you around $100 to $500 depending on your choice of curtains, style, design, color, pattern, and fabric.

Do you provide any consultation for curtain selection?

Yes, we do a 1-hour live session, which will cost you $75, but what you'll get in this session is valuable help in identifying the right window or door treatment design for your home. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth spending a few bucks on a consultation.