Information You Need-To-Know Before Buying Curtains

Dec 17, 2022

Information You Need-To-Know Before Buying Curtains


Considering window coverings for your new abode but haven't decided on or bought drapes yet? Here's some advice before heading to the store. Curtains can make or break a home's look, so consulting a pro on how to pick the right ones can help save you time and money.

How to choose window curtains

  • What curtain style to choose, rod pocket, or pleats
  • What kind of curtain rods depended on the width of your window.
  • Where to hang the rod, are how to place rod into the brackets
  • What type of curtains color should you choose?
  • Find out if you actually want a curtain, drapes, valance, swags or blackout curtain.
  • What style will be better? pattern drapery solid, print, or embroidered curtains
  • How will textured cotton curtains and pattern drapes look in my space
  • What is the ideal length of curtains? Do I want extra-long curtain, lined curtains or unlined curtains
  • So, the first and most important step that will narrow down your research is that you know what we are looking at in the curtain or drape. Sometimes, people need curtains, but they buy drapes by mistake. Therefore, the differences in this concern should be known first.

For privacy and light, blinds and shades are ideal for windows/doors. Options include wood blinds, roller shades, light filtering shades, room darkening shades and roman shades. Drapes are better for blocking out sunlight, noise and insulation, however they are taller and thicker, leaving less space for air and light. Sheer curtains and stationary panels are great for beauty.

Time to Pick Out the Right Fabric

Fabric selection matters due to each fabric's unique features, weight and upkeep. Consider factors such as light/noise levels and fabric/room design when choosing. Traditional homes usually require heavier fabrics; cotton is the most common and economical option for curtains.

Curtains fabric usually have beautiful and attractive designs. They are mainly used to block incoming light as they are heavy and opaque.



Maintenance process: - The only way to keep curtains clean when they get dirty is dry clean. most drapery are not machine washable. Try spot clean using lukewarm water for cleaning and a good quality cleaning agent, otherwise, a vacuum or brush can be used to remove dust. Linen comes with a more beautiful design and color shade, and its textured style diffuses light efficiently. Caring Process: - Use a vacuum or brush to clean the curtain; it could be dry-cleaned if needed. After that, it was wrinkled much highlighted then do iron at low speed.

For more information on choosing curtains for your home, check out the following tips: choose window or door curtains that are similar in color to walls and furnishings, but not too similar - you don't want the curtains to blend. Also, get a different shade or contrast for each style. Solid or print are two popular patterns for curtains.

Velvet or linen in solids looks great. Prints on curtains add flair, however cotton is best. Optimal length is when curtains hit the floor, but if you want a more regal appearance, extend slightly. If you have young ones, keep a few inches from the ground. Window blinds can be either a height or a floor length. In this case, your choice is important. The ideal width for window curtains is usually the width of the curtain. Some stores also allow you to choose the width of the curtains.

You can customize your curtain lengths, widths, colors, and fabrics to your liking. Be sure to measure the width of each curtain before ordering, so you know the right size. You can use the same measuring tool to determine the width of your curtain once you've measured the length. If you need to add more width to your curtain, do so by adding 6 inches on each side.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I go custom or ready-made? Opting for custom may be pricier, but you get your desired style. Ready-made can also suit your needs and are easy to find. See curtains still relevant? Absolutely - they'll stay as long as there are windows and doors. So don't fret and pick the right ones. How much would a good curtain cost? Depending on type, style, hue, pattern, and material, it can range from $100 to $500. Do you provide advice on curtains? Yes, our interior design does 1-hour live session, which will cost you $75, but what you'll get in this session is valuable help in identifying the right window or door treatment design for your home. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth spending a few bucks on a consultation.