Best Shower Curtain Ideas Before Black Friday

Nov 06, 2022

Best Shower Curtain Ideas Before Black Friday


These days it's rare to know a bathroom without a bathtub. Let's assume the bathroom has a shower area instead of a bathtub, even though it still needs a curtain. Because curtains are more important for decoration than for practical functionality like preventing water from splashing on the floor. Obviously a very important factor for added privacy as well.

You can choose from numerous types of curtains or curtains available in the market. Today we will not talk about color, material, size, etc. Rather we will talk about different types and ideas on how to choose shower curtains. Still, if you want to know how to choose a shower curtain, please read this article. Now let's discuss the best shower curtain ideas for 2022 before Black Friday.


Note: The installation process is very simple, and anyone can do it, but you need a few things, a rod to hang the curtain on and rings that will hang on the rod.



Types of shower curtains

Always keep this in mind while choosing any curtains. It should have three characteristics which are practical, decorative, and private.


  1. Cotton

No matter how many fabrics have come into existence these days, cotton will remain the first priority. This becomes possible due to high demand or high usage practicality. It is available in millions of colors which means you can find the perfect color for any part of your home, such as decor, furniture, or wall color. Secondly, it is easy to use and very easy to maintain.


  1. Decorative

A decorative shower can liven up your bathroom if you are bored or have an unattractive bathroom. Its brilliant colors and attractive designs allow you to get the decoration according to your taste. You might have a question about whether it won't be as practical as the others due to the quality of the decoration. But don't worry, they are extremely practical like the others, and their decorative quality is a bonus.


  1. Extra long

Some classes of people who want to attract aesthetic pleasure should get extra large curtains for their shower area. Additionally, its main function will surprise you by covering more parts of the shower to keep the water inside instead of splashing on the floor. It will delight homeowners by bringing some drama to the bathroom. Functionality can also be achieved by hanging curtains at lower heights.


  1. Extra wide

Now it is the case that the owner has come up with a square or rectangular rod to hang the curtains instead of getting a simple straight stick. Now his mind needed clarification about how to hang the curtain on a rectangular rod or get extra coverage from a rectangular rod curtain. So, don't worry. We've got you covered and have some beautiful solutions. Simply choose an L-shaped curtain for hanging. It will hang easily on this particular rod and provide a comprehensive cover to prevent water drops.


  1. Fabric

The curtains that get the most attention these days are fabric curtains that are a hot seller and are much more environmentally friendly than any of the options available in stores. Generally, eco-friendly products are less stylish and unappealing but don't panic. Because there are many unique styles and patterns available. Thus, we can say that it is really difficult to find all these great features in a daily-use curtain.


  1. Heavy-duty

Sometimes homeowners prefer a type of curtain that is more water resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. These curtains are named heavy-duty shower curtains due to their quality. They are highly resistant to splashing water and even block incoming mildew. These are not only heavy-duty but also heavyweight, but you can use this item as a quality point. Because it will act as a weight in place, and no iron will be needed.


  1. Grommets/Hookless

Another type of curtain that defines its quality, yes, the thought is correct and does not have hooks or hinges but holes for this function. The hole also means grommet, which is another popular name that describes its functionality. They have a very simple installation process which makes them quite convenient. You can get them at a reasonable price with many options in color and style. Now choose the one that suits you or the reason to buy.


  1. Linen

One of the most used curtain types by any designer, whether it is used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. This is a good quality waterproof fabric with an inner liner, and here is a fact about linen that will surprise you. Which is stronger while we dry instead. The world's most beautiful color style and color you can find in line. Moreover, its maintenance process is very simple and practical.


  1. Microfiber

It is highly effective against mildew and is loved by any designer. After wetting, the evaporation process is much faster than usual with microfiber, and they also give your bathroom a soft and calm look. They are more breathable than any other curtain, which is a plus point. If you want to know if they can be easily washed or not. They are easily maintainable and washable.


  1. Sheer

Are you looking to add some glamor to your bathroom? Then you can opt for a shower curtain? Sheer curtains transparently exude a luxurious feel without compromising privacy due to a large number of variations in style. Pattern and color selection will be the problem. The installation process is simple and can be done at home without special knowledge. The cleaning method is uncomplicated, and the maintenance is very easy.



  1. Plastic

One can go with plastic curtains if one feels lazy in maintaining and cleaning things. Because this material is usually slippery, you must use a wet cloth to wipe it. It works perfectly water resistant. Moreover, all plastic curtains are cheap and easy to use. Thus, you can switch whenever you want because of its reasonable prices and variety.


  1. PVC-free

Technology has evolved in many advanced stages, and you will be amazed to know. Today, PVC-free curtain options are available in the market but still give the feel and use of plastic. You can buy them to get easy maintenance at an affordable price. In addition, they are an environmentally friendly choice.


13 Shower curtains with pockets

As time goes by, everything changes, and so are the curtains, allowing creative ideas to change. Now, this particular curtain meets modern requirements, and if you want to know, let me explain. Only some shower areas have adequate storage space to hold or keep bath-related items like shampoo, soap, and conditioner. Still, these pocket curtains will allow you to store all of these items without making a big change in the brought shower area. It can be found in any material like fabric, plastic, etc.


  1. Silk

Silk would be a better choice to buy whenever you think there should be a softer and better look. But choose only when you are not concerned about money. The reason for these precautions is that they require a lot more maintenance than any other type and can break easily. Avoid buying it if you feel cheap is taking care of it, so you can save your precious money.


  1. Vinyl

A type of curtain that requires little or no maintenance is known as a vinyl curtain. These are inexpensive but effectively waterproof functions, as we can expect. If we talk about its material, these amazing curtains are made of nylon and sometimes polyester. These save you extra money because they don't require an inner liner. There are hundreds of vinyl colors and styles available on the market to choose from. These products are highly durable, long-lasting, and require very little maintenance.


  1. Waffle

We and any professional designers always advise hotel owners to have waffle curtains instead of plain ones so that it compliments their business. Preferring this article over others as it has a textured design that perfectly complements the function of curtains but also serves decorative purposes. We know that washrooms that have a lot of use can only do things that are durable and easy to maintain. You will be happy to know that it is durable and easily machine washable.





  1. Simple bathroom curtain ideas

For a simple and classic look, cream or white curtains would be a great choice to compliment the beauty of white walls. This will provide a more clean and more sophisticated look, increasing attractiveness. Light reflection will increase because everything is white, and the bathroom area will look bigger. Any material is good, but you can choose cotton for easy washing and maintenance.

  1. Patterned Style

There will be a chance of color wrestling for attention when each part of the bathroom contains its own different color and doesn't follow any pattern or color flow. In this case, using patterned colored curtains in the shower area will change the situation. Because then this will become the center of attention. It will allow you to show your own unique vibe.


  1. Floral style

Bring some floral design curtains into your home if you want to show off a more nature-based feel to your shower area. Are you wondering how this could be possible? He proved that when we see greens and flowers, we feel fresh and calm. These results can sometimes be obtained by artificial means. Shower curtains will allow you to achieve this beauty.


  1. Bold straight lines

Plain-colored striped shower curtains are trending these days. People are crazy about them because this style makes the soiree look brighter and fresher, and we think that's a big reason to choose any curtain. Color reflection will increase, and the space will appear larger than usual. It doesn't matter what material you select unless it's from the list above, but the color should be vibrant. So, save time and get this masterpiece for your shower area.


  1. Transparent/Sheer Styled

If you are the type of person who prefers the functionality of any product rather than any decoration, you can choose a transparent one. Sheer-style curtains are a modern-day necessity. Yes, privacy is compromised, but no worries if the bathroom is closed off. Many fabrics and materials are available in the market that fulfills a shower curtain's functions, but you can go with plastic or PVC. These durable and long-lasting materials are very easy to maintain and wash.

  1. Fun printed or artistic styles for kids

A well-known mistake that can be made by any homeowner is using classic or dull shade curtains in baby shower areas. According to the designers, this is the worst idea to do. Not everything fits everywhere, but choose the right thing for the right place. And vibrant colors always work in a baby shower area. It can be more perfect than having some cartoonish or figure curtains. An artistic curtain can also be used but make sure it matches the child's style.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people use fabric shower curtains?

Convenience is the reason why fabric curtains are chosen by a large population. Yes, for convenience, fabric curtains are easily available everywhere in the market and also in different materials like cotton, polyester, rayon, or nylon. Moreover, fabric curtains are cheaper to maintain and wash.


  • What Kinds of Shower Curtains Are Best?

The answer to this question depends on the buying decision. If you want low-maintenance or durable curtains, you can use polyester or microfiber. On the other hand, if you want both low-maintenance plus style, you should move towards a fabric one. So always be sure about your need.


  • What color curtain makes a small bathroom look bigger?

It is a very simple white curtain that easily opens any space.


  • What is the difference between a shower curtain and a liner?

Let us explain that the shower liner is just a sheet hanging to the rod inside the bathtub and used with curtains to prevent water from splashing out. Where curtains work for both function and decoration. They hand from rod to  down outside the bathtub