Today we will discuss "How to choose window curtains."

Dec 17, 2022

Today we will discuss "How to choose window curtains."

Upgrading curtains and windows treatment becomes necessary every 5 to 10 years, whether the house is new or old, depending on the condition. It helps to extend the original life of the house in the same way polish extends the life of shoes.

These upgrades happen in areas that wear out over time, such as your home's door, window, kitchen, bath, living space, or room.

There is no doubt about how window curtains enhance the look of a room. But let me tell you if you are still interested. A curtain blocks dust from windows helps control light intensity, and can make or break a pleasant atmosphere in a home, office, etc.

Don't try to rush the selection of window coverings style and drapery cloth. Or curtains because it can be done better by spending a little time on research. For this, you should be well aware of your windows size, shape, room color tone, furniture, etc. If you don't have enough time, you can benefit from the expertise interior designer.

Here are some excellent tips that help "how to choose window curtains.

Tips How to Pick Window Curtains, How to Measure Curtain, and How to Know the difference between a curtain and a valance.

Before jumping into how to choose drapey, you should know whether your window actually needs curtains, drapes, shades, or blinds. For this, you should know well how these things honestly differ from each other. Other, thing you need to know is the best bedroom curtain, living rooms, cleaning curtains, curtain color and if you should use lined or unlined curtains.

  • Curtain:¬†Simply a piece of cloth or other material that helps block incoming dust, wind, and light. They are made from a light fabric and are usually cut to fit the window.
  • Drapes:¬†Drapes also hang from the front panels of the window but are made of slightly thicker fabric, are usually longer than the curtain, and have a slight dip to the floor.
  • Shade:¬†A shade is straightforward to block or diffuse incoming light. A cloth or plastic roll hung over the upper window and can be pulled down when needed. Sometimes more expensive than blind.
  • Blind:¬†Performs the same privacy function as a shade but hangs like a curtain or drape, usually less expensive

Figure out the right length to hang curtains. 

#1 Drapery Fabric, Home Decor Window Openings

Upgrading curtain and getting the right length can be confusing for beginners. Remember, if it's too long, it will look like a mess. On the other hand, if it is too small and on top of the casement windows, it will blow away in the wind and can knock over nearby objects such as dishes or lamps. The ceiling height will be better for either curtains or blinds, but you can adjust the size just above the starting point of the windows for correct width of window.

#2 Figure out the correct window treatment openings

If you go with ready-made curtains, you will have common standard-length options such as 63 inches (160 cm), 84 inches (213 cm), 96 inches (244 cm), 108 inches (274 cm). . 120 inches (305 cm). When you go with custom-made, there are many options in every aspect, like customization, length, width, color, style, and design, but it will be expensive. Now it depends on you what you actually want

Below are the options for the style of hitting the curtain floor:

  • Hover:¬†If you are someone who likes to open and close curtains quickly. You can go with the hover ending. Hover means the curtain will end just above the floor. This will give your room a cleaner look.
  • Break:¬†If you want to know the actual curtain end recommended by professionals or designers, this is the break style. Instead of hovering this way, you're an inch long when it hits the ground.
  • Puddle:¬†You can go with a puddle-style finish for a more glamorous, unusual, classy, ‚Äč‚Äčluxurious, and attractive look. In this style, you need to add another 6 inches of length to the curtain or drape it touching the ground and curtain rod.

 # 3 Figure out the correct width and height of window curtains or drapes.

If you are estimating the width of the window, don't worry, they are usually standard sizes, and ready-made options can be enough. Otherwise, you can find custom options when the window width is for double hung windows. This will require you to do some calculations.

  • An easy way to determine the width is to measure the width with a measurement instrument and add 6 inches on each side.
  • Off-the-shelf curtains can extend up to 48 inches because it narrows when pleated.

#4: Fabric Choice

Purpose can be an essential point in choosing a curtain or drape fabric. You first need to know for what purpose you are actually looking for curtains. Do you want natural light without dust? Do you want privacy in your room? Once you've found the goal, you can narrow your choices to the available clothes.

 Velvet may be the first choice of designers for privacy and blackout features. Because it naturally blacks out the room completely. For natural light, you can go with sheer curtains (linen, cotton) that diffuse the light and allow only soft light to create a calming atmosphere in the room.

#5: Color

A foolproof way to choose a wall color to coordinate the color of the drape with the rest of the furniture in the room. For a more finished look, a color that complements or matches the walls is a better choice. Otherwise, you can go with contrast options. Then your curtains will draw more attention to one part of the room.

#6: Which style? Printed or solid

I want to know which style best suits your room, solid or print. For this purpose, I will soon introduce you to a handy tip. Take a thorough look at your space and see if everything else, such as the walls, furniture, or decor, complements the look. Then you should use a printed style as the contrasting colors attract attention. But if the opposite is the case and all the things in the room, like walls, furniture, or decorations, are colored, then you have to choose a solid style.

#7: Lined or unlined?

If you are stuck in choosing lined or unlined curtains, let me tell you in simple words. Lined curtains are a better choice for privacy due to their extra thickness and double layer. The characteristic of add-ons is that they are long-lasting, while inline ones behave oppositely.

#8: Cleaning habits

You might feel strange after reading this point and start thinking about whether there might be a connection between cleaning habits and curtains, hand wash, dry cleaning or washing machine. Then read the following instructions, and you will be amazed.

Sheer curtains can help diffuse light and create a more calming atmosphere in a room.

Go with sheer curtains (linen, cotton) to diffuse light and create a calming atmosphere with only soft illumination. Color is a sure way.

To create this style of curtain, add 6 more inches to the length of the curtain, or drape it so it touches the ground and