How to Choose Right Curtains for White Walls

Oct 27, 2022

How to Choose Right Curtains for White Walls

Have you whitewashed the walls of your home and are now stuck on how to choose the right curtains for white walls? Or feeling uncomfortable because someone says you shouldn't choose white because it's boring and old.

Here I would like to say that it may be in their view while on the other hand majority do not think so. Therefore, the white color is more of a classic, royal, and civilized look. It goes well with any color on earth.

While colors other than white look good with selective curtains shade. When you choose them, you have to spend more precious time choosing curtains every few months because the trend of colored walls is to get easily old than white.

So let's talk about the fascinating combination of white walls and colorful curtains. Each color has its unique properties. Some are calm, others are excited, and so on. In it, you will get most of the knowledge that is important about choosing the right curtains for white walls.


Before moving on to the topic, let's take a look at the benefits/advantages of whitewashed walls.


Benefits of white walls at home

  • Small spaces seem big: We usually own a typical house as a middle-class family. In this case, it would be great to have white walls in the room or home. Because it gives a sense of larger spaces.
  • Prominence/Significance: This would be good if you want something prominent on the walls, such as a painting, decoration, chart, or classic clock. This fact means that anything in white will be eye-catching, even a dot.
  • Classic and Evergreen: It provides a more classic look and never gets old with time. For example, you can see the White House in America or an old imperial building in Europe that is still very attractive.
  • More brightness: It increased the natural sunlight coming into the house. It also makes the place very bright when the bulb is lit at night.
  • Freedom of color choice: This allows you to choose any color for your home decor, furniture, or curtains. That other colored walls could not let you.
  • Canvas: It is like a blank canvas where you paint or draw with your favorite decorations and furniture.
  • Seasonless: Unlike some colors, those are seasonal; they never get old with the seasons. It always happens in every season of the year without any hesitation.
  • White is relaxing: The most relaxing of colors is white. You always feel comfortable in a whitewashed room. If you don't want the whole house to be white, at least choose that color in your living room. So you will be able to relax whenever you want.
  • Clean: Another optimistic reason to choose this color is cleanliness. It gives the most pristine and best look. Hence, it will be an excellent choice for those with a great obsession with cleanliness.



14 Color for Choosing the Right Curtains for White Walls

Classic White curtains

White curtains will complement the white walls. They will increase the brightness. It can also be used as a shade with another curtain color. But the point is that these colors will give a refined classic look.

Light blue velvet curtain

The most peaceful and calming color is light blue. According to experts, color psychology describes it as trustworthiness and confidence. Velvet fabric will add to the luxury by complementing the peace of your surroundings.

Navy Blue curtains

It represents a sense of power and administration and is sometimes calm as the shadow of the sea. Navy blue can be a good choice if you want to make something stand out instead of a curtain because it is used as a neutral color.

Yellow curtains

If you're feeling colorful, yellow curtains work well. They are one of the most commonly seen colors in our environment after green and blue. Its light shade gives a feeling of the summer season, while its dark shade gives off a shark. Additionally, according to color psychology, a person feels happy and optimistic when they look at yellow.

Green curtains.

Green also represents the color of peace and nature. According to color psychology, green represents freshness and hope. Sometimes it also means luck and health. So if you want these things you can go with a green and white combination.

Brown color curtain

If you want a more focused atmosphere in your room, you must choose a brown color with white walls. According to color psychology, brown represents a sense of strength, simplicity and steadfastness.

Ivory curtains

If you are looking for light-colored curtains, ivory will be an impressive choice if you want distinctive walls and curtains. Represents purity in life and luxury at the same time.

Beige curtains

Just as white color fits everywhere, beige curtains also fit anywhere. Now think what would happen if you chose both of them together? According to color psychology, it will represent simplicity, calmness, wisdom and confidence in your home.

Grey Curtains

If you want your home to represent a more modern and elegant look, you might go with a grey color. Lighter or darker it's entirely up to you. Color psychology says it represents the neutrality and balanced atmosphere in your surroundings. Don't choose this color if you are facing any depression. 


For a lovely room, choose to pick color curtains with white walls. It provides smoothness and gentle royal touch to the room. It adds childish nature to your mood whenever you peek at the pick. It also represents innocence and burning passion. 

Orange curtains with white walls

Someone who sees white walls as dull and unattractive wants some sparkle and boldness. He can take an orange color to satisfy his need. Orange is always vibrant whether you choose clothes, shoes, curtains or any decoration. Color psychology says it represents youth, energy and happiness.

Black curtains.

You can go with black curtains for contrast and a more significant look. It's a charming way to add some drama and sophistication to a room. It represents power, beauty and status in society.

Red Curtains

Here we are going to talk about everyone's favorite red color. Whatever event, day, or color, red plays an important role. It is always lovers' first choice as it represents love, happiness, romance and relationship.


Gold is one of the best options as curtains with white walls. It represents achievement, success and royalty.