Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas 2022

Sep 25, 2022

Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas 2022

The bedroom is such a place where a terrible choice in style, design, or color could affect more than any other part of the room. Because a bedroom is a place where typically goes to sleep, study, relax, or entertain. But the problem happens when a curtain cannot stop the harsh amount of incoming light. A wrong color choice of the curtain could cause a distraction while studying. Another example is the boring design and color combination of the curtain could cause sadness or irritation rather than relaxation. Therefore, sleeping comfort matters in the room, but the environment is also why you must cater to this element. We wrote this article to counter these problems and find the best master bedroom curtain ideas.


Top 15 Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas 2022

1 Let Your Space Dictate Your Selection

First of all, you should gather information about your room. You must have knowledge of master bedroom size, dimension and window direction. If the window direction is in front of the bed and sunlight streams on your face in the morning, you have to use light-blocking curtains. On the other hand, if the window is on the side of the bed, you might use sheer curtains.

2 Go Long

If your bedroom has a low ceiling, you might use high-hanging curtains from the windows. This will create the illusion of a bigger room. The second reason to choose them is they show a more luxurious look.

3 Comfortable Sleep

If you use the bedroom only for sleeping and want more comfortable sleep, you might go with blackout curtains. Those work fine in blocking streetlights, sunlight, and even automobiles passing through the road outside the home. If you are a darkroom fan, you could add shades with curtains for the complete blackout.

4 Curtains For French Doors In Bedroom

Rooms with French doors usually have a great view outside. This feature should be a highlight for this concern use curtains on both sides of windows. For extra attention, get curtains long enough higher than windows to the floor. The width should be enough that curtains cover whole windows or doors when closed.

5 Eco-Friendly Curtains

Wants more eco-friendly fabric; go with linen because it is a natural fabric. Therefore gives a natural look without harming nature. Other plus points are it's more beautiful, highly sustainable and easy to maintain.

6 Uniqueness in Bohemian Style

A person who likes an exotic and unique style might go with bohemian curtains for the master bedroom. This will help you out in gaining an unconventional lifestyle that uniquely standout.

7 Creat Contrast

In contrast, look red and while always a preferable choice. Make sure white curtains should be of sheer so they can provide enough natural to brighten your room. Whereas red should have velvet or linen, you get privacy when needed.

8 Neutral Bedroom curtains Ideas


Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Sometimes neutral shades work more perfectly rather than choosing light colors or contrast colors. This neutral beauty will be achieved if your room's wall is washed with grey, cream, or beige colors. Neutral colors are more calming and relaxed in general.

9 Curtains or Blinds

If there is confusion in selecting what to choose, curtains or blinds, you might go with both. Blind will help to stop extra distracting light, whereas curtains will work to complete blackout while sleeping.

10 Curtain Idea For White Room

Light grey curtains will be an ideal option if you own a white wall room because they give the bedroom an attractive look and positive vibe.

The light color makes it feel like more space in the room.

11 Pale Yellow Curtains

If you are a more target-oriented and positive vibe person, you might go with yellow color with white walls. The yellow color is closely related to hope, happiness, laughter, sunshine and energy. Whenever you wake up in the morning, and your eyes go on yellow curtains, you will receive positive energy; sometimes, days end like how they start.

12 Mint Green Curtains for Bedroom

Mint green is one of our favourite choices for bedroom curtains. Because mint green had a bit of blue hue and where green gives the feel of freshness, blue shows a sense of calmness. This will help to create a peaceful, fresh and calm bedroom environment.

13 Dark Bedroom Curtain Ideas


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A lot of decorators hesitate to use dark curtains in the bedroom. The reason behind this was they thought it gave a slight room feel. But in reality, dark curtains provide something to look at. It offers a bulky feeling in empty or minimalist rooms and adds luxuriousness to the room. To achieve this, you must go with black, dark grey, green and navy blue colors.