Dining Room Curtains Ideas

Sep 18, 2022



We have received many queries about "dining room curtains ideas" from previous months. In the past, the Dining room was getting less attention in concern of decoration than any other room. When it comes to curtains, people ignore this room and think them unnecessary.

People realize this after the pandemic because of guests coming to their homes. Trust me, using a curtain in the dining room is worthy because it provides more dramatic, refined, cozy, elegance, and privacy.

Without them, it feels like something crucial is absent because it allows you more customization for incoming sunlight. Don't worry. This article will share some best curtains for the dining room with you.




As we already mentioned, the dining room is usually the most underrated part of any house because only a few give attention to it in decorating while others just ignore it. Nowadays, this thing will change. So, before moving toward answering the questions of how to choose a dining room curtain or dining room curtains ideas. You have to know about curtain types first because you can choose a better curtain for your home.



  • Swags – Swags, or window scarves are half-circled-shaped pieces of cloth that allow them to fall in drooping. In the make of swag excess amount of fabric is used, and it could be in any style such as gathered, shirred, or pleated.
    1. Shirred Swags: A type of swag comes with small pleats that continue along the whole swag length.
    2. Pleated Swags: These types of swags come with more formal pleats and generally create a waterfall effect.
    3. Gathered Swag: Only swag comes in a unique informal look and has not adjusted spaces in the fabric fold.
  • Panel curtains – These are a type of curtains that hangs on the left and right of widows. They are usually hemmed at the bottom and have pleated or grommets header. They are seen as a frame of the window that enhances the look.


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  • Valance – It is more like an add-on feature than an actual curtain. It hung at the header of windows. Usually hung alone but could also add shades, blinds, or curtains.
  • Cornice – Unique type of cover lookalike a box made by wooden valance and crafted with plywood. These are mounted over the curtains or drapes, attracting people's attention. This box gets to finish with paint or wallpaper, or fabric. 
  • Shades – A soft fabric that allows a gentle amount of light to enter inside rather than a complete blackout. You could have this in any length, width, and in various colors.




1 Bring a New Color into Your Space

Instead of sticking to colors of space for curtains bringing up a new color could enhance a look. The unique color of the curtain will be a prominent feature in the dining room. But make sure to use too vibrant colors.

2 Get A Modern Feel With Lightweight Curtains

The modern world needs modern ideas. Therefore, you have linen curtains in the dining room. The reason behind linen choice is they provide modern plus soft touch in the room. Because they allow only a gentle amount of light to enter, neither too light nor dark. Using these curtains provides a unique freshness while dining. 

3 Draw the Eye Upward With Extra-Tall Curtains

If anybody doesn't want to use contrast color but still wants attention on dining curtains. Then it might use high hanging curtains and length could go up to the ceiling and down to the floor. After this, it will create more drama and attention taking a look.

4 Flowers and Grommets

You can go with floral curtains for a mixture of modern and traditional. In general, these are traditional, but with an add-on feature, grommets at the top will help to achieve your demanded style.

5 Modern Tied-Back Curtains

Tied-back curtains have been an evergreen style of dining curtains for decades. No worries, whenever you choose, it still looks modern.  

6 Cafe Curtains

Have a small dining room, no worries, you could still go with cafe curtains because these are the best type of curtains for the dining room.

7 Bay Window Curtain Ideas

If you are looking for a bay window or window niche curtain for the dining room, we recommend choosing custom-made curtains. Because this will give you the freedom to choose the exact size and length of window curtains. 

8 Break Up Dark Walls 

White curtains work fine and feel classical with the white room. But it could give a striking look with darker dining rooms. 

9 Dark Drapes 

In a recent point, we already mentioned white curtain work fine and are classical in the white wall dining room. But if you want to do something exceptional, you might go with dark shade. For dark, you don't have to choose solid or bold black; instead, you can go with charcoal, navy, or chocolate brown. 

10 Panel Curtains

If your first priority is privacy rather than decor or ambiance. In this scenario, you can go with panel curtains. For color, you could match curtains with walls or dining room furniture color.



  • Are our dining room curtains compulsory?

Yes, of course, because it filled the room's emptiness with color. Works as a prominent feature in the dull dining room. It could be used for any reason, whether luxurious, decorative, or private. 

  • How to choose curtains for the dining room?

By chance if you don't know how to choose curtains for dining room then could read this informative article from beginning everything is explained in easy words. 

  • How long should the curtains be the length in the dining room?

It depends; if you want more prominent curtains, you have to go with length from ceiling to floor for a more luxurious look. But if you have children in the house, you might go with a small size enough to fill the size of the window. Otherwise, it will be a dirty so early than us