Understanding the Blinds

Welcome to the wonderful world of window treatments here at Beautiful Windows Fabric & curtains we offered attractive and affordable shutters, blinds and shades. There’s nothing like the old-world quality craftsmanship of our blinds and shutter to add sophistication and timeless style to any space in your home or office. Our custom window treatments, blinds, shades, and shutter are a favorite of designers. Our selection includes everything you need to find the perfect window coverings to complement your unique taste and style.  Often, the term ‘blinds’ refers to both blinds and shades. While all different types of blinds and shades serve the same basic function, there is a fundamental difference that separates the two.

It’s easy to customize your wood and faux blinds with a rich rainbow of colors and stains finish to match any interior and decor. With everything from bright white to traditional dark cherry or mahogany, you’ll find the perfect color or stain to make your dream design a reality. Accessorize your treatments for a total designer touch with color-coordinated or contrasting cloth tape binding for a unique look all your own.

Slat/Louver Sizes

It’s easy to coordinate your wood window and door treatments throughout the entire house. With 1”, 2” and 2½” slat sizes to choose from, you can create a continuous, streamlined design with all your coverings. Some styles also offer standard or rounded slat corners to further customize your treatments.

Blinds and shutters are made from natural, furniture-quality hardwoods, like basswood and American hardwood. They’re lightweight and easily mounted outside or inside the frame, making them perfect for large or wide windows. Because they’re lightweight, they won’t bow or bend as easily as other types of coverings, making these classic window treatments a stylish and economical long-lasting investment. We’re proud to offer a cordless lift option with all our natural wood shades.  For more information on the benefits and beauty of window coverings.

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