Solar Shades

Give You Wonderful Energy Savings
There’s nothing like our solar shades to block out a huge 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. With an accordion style designed feature, these shades trap in the air between the accordions and help to keep it from transferring in the outdoor heat. You do have a few options in lightly colored solar shades from white to cream to tinted color options. Our solar shades make your home more beautiful and better protected from the sun, keeping your home cooler in the summer and keeping in your heat during the winter.

Black Out Shades

If you’re looking for light blocking options in window coverings, go with our black out shades and you’ll have all the darkness you desire for those certain times when you need to sleep or get complete and sure privacy for your home or business. Shades meant to completely block out all light are fitted along a side track system to ensure no pinholes of light can come through at the sides or bottom. Black out shades are perfect for getting that daytime snooze in.

Green Materials

Green materials in blinds, shades, and shutters serve you well when it comes to options that help the environment and your home’s energy savings.

Bamboo is one natural material that’s fast becoming a favorite building material because it grows incredibly fast, is easy to harvest, and is quickly renewable. Bamboo naturally absorbs the sun’s heat as well, keeping the it from stealing your energy savings.

Woven blinds and shades are made of various grasses and reeds (bamboo is a grass) and offer you the same great energy savings and protection from the sun. Woven grasses, reeds, or bamboo protect your home from energy wastage as well as resist insects, making them wonderful eco-friendly window treatments.