For curtains, measure from TOP of your curtain pole/rod to the desired end point. Then add 1.5 inches to this measurement. This should be the final length provided to us in your custom order specifications. The extra 1.5 inches added at the end is to account for the ‘upstand’ in grommet curtains – the part of the fabric that stands above the curtain rod


While width is a personal preference to some extent, our general guideline for grommet curtains is to order panels that are double the width of your curtain pole/track. For example, if your curtain pole is 36 inches wide, we suggest TWO panels of 36 inches EACH, and NOT two panels of 18 inches each. This will get you a luxurious fall/gather. If your drapery pole is 36 inches wide and you order curtain panels that are also 36 inches wide altogether, they will hang absolutely flat with no pleats or gather.

For a high level of fullness, order up to three times the width of the pole. If you are looking for less than average fullness and/or to economize on budget, 1.5 times should also be acceptable.

Up to three times width is also highly recommended for sheers and lightweight fabrics such as our linens. These fabrics have less body volume and therefore need more width to attain the same full look as fabrics such as cottons and polyesters. More width also helps enhance privacy where sheers are in use.

Please note our default grommets have inner radius of 1.5 inches and silver finish. Larger grommet size (2 inch inner diameter) and other finishes are available on request.

Please write to us at to enquire about options or send us a note once you’ve placed your order.


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