A basic necessity for draperies is rods. It can add real charm to your window treatments. Modern metal curtain rods that are too long will clash with your décor.  When installed improperly they will make your draperies look unfinished. We’ve got all the curtain rod information you need to know before making a purchase. 

The right curtain rod for your window treatment all depends on the fabric. If you’re leaning towards heavy thick fabrics stick to a sturdy metal like metal. The last thing you want is your curtain rod bowing under heavy fabric. On the other hand, pairing lightweight options with slick thin rods, curtain rod, curtain rail.

Curtain pole, traverse rod are use to suspend curtains hang from brackets. Usually hanging three inches above windows. Grommets panels are metal-lined holes in the curtains. Tabs which hang above the top edge of the curtain. Rings which clip onto the curtain and hang on the rod. Rod pocket sleeve which slides over and completely conceals the rod.

The hanging type can adjust the overall height of the curtain. So be sure to have your curtains on hand to help determine the final height of the rod. Measure and mark the location of the hangers on the wall. On an open space, it can be difficult to replicate these measurements on both sides of the window and have them turn out perfectly level.  Today, I’m creating a quick cardboard template. While curtain rods in other areas of the home are often affixed with decorative brackets or finial. Special poles can be made for bay windows or made by joining a number of straight and corner bends to fit the shape of a bay window.


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