Fabric Covered Cornice Board

Cornices are stylish and can cover plain-looking hardware. Fabric covered cornice board are an old-world window treatment. A modern look updated them. And they can be used as a window valance presently. Generally, a cornice is any horizontal. Decorative molding crowning a building or a furniture element. Cornices over windows or a door or around the top edge of a pedestal are a few of the examples. A simple cornice may be formed just with a crown. Fabric cornices add texture, drama, depth, or a pop of color.


A fabric-covered cornice board. It is a box-like mounting of wooden drapery on the wall above your windows. Indeed, they like to provide a more formal look than soft window treatments alone. What is more, is that they also give architectural interest to rooms that may actually lack it. Beautiful windows Fabric & Curtains in-store or in-home consultants. Will show you how to make the most of your window. But In addition to it, we will be glad to explain it to you. How to use valances and swags. Custom cornices at their best. And will help you to select trim and hardware. So we offer free advice, as always.

Windows Valance Wooden Cornice Boards
Valance over Panels

The addition of a custom cornice can turn any ordinary window into a lovely design piece. Choose a style that will fit your décor. And get your existing blinds or shades highlighted. So Valances and cornices will, furthermore, help create a powerful layering effect. Moreover, fabric valances also create a difference. But with hard window coverings for a flowing, drapery effect. Because in fact, cornices can replicate any type of molding and can add proper details to the element. We advise you to make use of decorated cornice over a neutral covered treatment. They will, without any doubt. Because make your furniture bold and attractive.

Windows Valance Wooden Cornice Boards
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Windows Valance Wooden Cornice Boards
Swags over Cornices
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