What Are Heading Curtains?

Becoming increasingly popular, curtains heading sleek and modern curtain heading. The Wave System is patented by Silent Gliss, but there are other ripple fold and ‘wave-type’ systems that offer a similar style.

Adorable Pink Custom Curtains

Balancing Style & Comfort Picking an investment piece like a family-friendly sectional doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  Custom drapes added the final touch to this room.

Dressing French Doors

French doors are notoriously hard to dress with curtains. Panels hung over the door frame prevent the doors from opening properly, and when attempting to open or closed the doors it can damages the curtains fabric or the drapery.

Using Roller Shades

Simply The Best in Window Treatments Roller shades are raised and lowered by the means of a roller mounted at the top of the shade. They are available in a wide variety of materials which makes roller shades a great option for almost any room. Depending upon the translucence of the material, roller shades can…

Curtains and Blinds Transform the Light in Your Room

The curtains blinds shades shutter. The Benefits of Blinds. The right blinds, shades or shutters will provide privacy, control light and spiff up a room. … But add a window covering like curtains, valance or swags and cascades and you suddenly have privacy, control over the amount of sunlight that fills the area and a…

Window Treatment Basic

First, decide whether. Because you want blinds. So shades, shutters or curtains. Roman shades, are custom drapery panels which cascade in elegant folds like drapery. Fabric and pattern options can feel endless, Marion Baker, owner of Beautiful windows Fabric & Curtains is a company. Like that specializes in window treatments, understands why these projects can…

Hard Window Treatment

What are different types of window treatments? Hard window treatments are made of hard materials like wood or vinyl. Such as: shades, blinds and shutters. Soft window treatments: anything made of soft materials such as: sheers, curtains, drapes, swags, valances, roman shades – from flat to hobbled styles. Hard Window Treatment Window Shutters: Louvered or…